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First Inclusion, Then Diversity

I am narrow minded in my thinking. Meaning that I believe life is ALLLLLLL about inclusion and diversity. Spanning from cheese (arguably one of the most diverse and adaptable menu options) to the workplace; D&I… or as I like to call it I&D, is omnipresent and can be applied to everything! I guess I’m narrowly broad minded if you will. WELCOME!

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Inclusion and Diversity? You know you wrote that wrong, right?

Oh, hello there! I’m Tiffany. Tiffany Thomas, not Haddish just to be clear. I write how I talk and most times I have to resist the urge to begin sentences with “and”, “or”, and “but” because that’s how I speak. And (<===see what I did there), I believe in diversity. Why can’t conjunctions be leadersContinue reading “Inclusion and Diversity? You know you wrote that wrong, right?”

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