Finger Snap and a Little Body Roll!

Ok, so lets inspect this idea a little further. I had a friend ask: “Are you seriously comparing diversity and inclusion to partying and dancing? Lets face it, if inclusion were REALLLLYYY that simple, the problem wouldn’t even exist in the first place.” My answer was short: “Uhhhhh, yeaahhh- because the problem is still prevalentContinue reading “Finger Snap and a Little Body Roll!”

Inclusion and Diversity? You know you wrote that wrong, right?

Oh, hello there! I’m Tiffany. Tiffany Thomas, not Haddish just to be clear. I write how I talk and most times I have to resist the urge to begin sentences with “and”, “or”, and “but” because that’s how I speak. And (<===see what I did there), I believe in diversity. Why can’t conjunctions be leadersContinue reading “Inclusion and Diversity? You know you wrote that wrong, right?”